Who We Are

We’re on an Adventure With You

We show you the way, and help with the tools you’ll need along the journey.

As a team, we find fulfillment through discovery, new experiences and adventure. We’re ambitious, individualistic, independent – we value our people, whether they are clients, partners or team members – as amazing individuals who will do great things.

Working with us, you’ll be able to reach amazing heights and create unmissable tourism places.

Experts and Specialists

As young Architects Amy and Dan, the founding partners (now our husband and wife directors at Studio S2), looked at the traditional behaviour of the architecture and interior design industry and saw an alternative that was much better. Experts were needed. Specialists who understood and valued an industry, who experienced it for themselves because they had a passion for it. They saw the need for designers who could create a memorable experience of brand through architecture, and who focused on helping grow the commercial viability of a business. They pictured design where the needs of a business would shape spaces in 3 dimensions.

A life shaped around self-discovery through travel.

We love our home state of South Australia but our team have lived and worked for extended periods in other parts of Australia and the world as well. Amy and Dan especially love to travel – to learn, grow and be part of the world and to show their young family the potential that they are yet to discover. Our team at Studio S2 that have visited the great and famous, the vast, the incredible, the tiny and the boutique, and discovered profound richness in the fabric of tourism. We’ve experienced travel that can make you rethink your world, feed your soul, and help you truly discover yourself – and we treasure our team’s mutual love of travel and a passion for tourism that is the foundation for our architectural practice.

Will travel

With a love of tourism and travel we have the privilege of travelling in the day-to-day to running of our business. If your looking for an Architect in any region, we’d love to come and visit. Some of the recent regions we’ve worked in are, Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island, Coonawarra, Riverland, Langhorne Creek, Flinders Ranges, Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, SE Queensland, Perth Hills and Rutherglen.

teams and Partnerships: It’s where we differ that makes us strong.

Amy and Dan have been together since they were 21, studying at Architecture School. Working back to back, hand in hand, since the day they first connected, they head up a team that is pretty unique. Our growing team is made up of a group of people that look at things from very different perspectives – in fact we pride ourselves on approaching challenges from very different angles, but always agree on the essentials. It’s the contrast, and the continuing expansion with new and interesting team members, that makes us an incomparable bunch to work with.

Understand how your buildings can work for you.

Studio S2 Architects are not your average design team. We specialise in tourism because we love it – we live and breathe tourism and we have a network of connections as well as insight into the industry because we spend so much time digging around behind the scenes. It is our delight to be able to provide you the latest information about how buildings can attract visitors, meet and exceed demand and drive growth for your business, and connect you with a team of people who can help bring it all together.

Help your visitors truly engage with you.

We may work from an office, but at heart we are explorers. We search for innovative ideas and better solutions for your buildings. We hunt for experiences to create and stories to tell, seeking expression of your individuality and challenging you to discover the untapped possibilities in your tourism business. We rethink the function and operation of your spaces, and use our insights to shape a unique and attractive experience for the people who live, work and play at your place. We help you navigate new ways of thinking and the process to making them a reality. We want to help you find yourself and express yourself so that your visitors and staff truly understand you, trust you and like you. We want you to have the confidence to create an unmissable tourism offering that makes you money.



For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.