Barossa Visitor Centre

Tanunda, Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley Council



What kind of place fosters revealing of secrets?

A place where you can uncover the unexpected and we can tell you the secrets.


Redesign of the interior fi t-out of library and visitor information centre in the historic town of Tanunda, in the centre of the
Barossa Valley.
Tell the story of richness, quality and history.
Retail and interpretive display that is engaging and helps build curiosity and temptation.
Utilise opportunities to increase alternative revenue streams.
Customer service space that encourages intimate conversations (secrets revealed).
A contemporary place, full of amazing things.
A welcoming place.
Build local custodianship.
Build trust in the service and confi dence that quality information is to be gathered here.
Provide service to users of the town square space after hours and engage visitors after hours without the whole centre being open


High expectations and low budget.

Regional visitor information centres must become commercially viable. However as council operated organisations, VICs cannot be seen to be competing directly for business with local businesses. Further, they must be seen to equally represent all local business product.


The Barossa is a proud community, rich with quality wines and multiple generation businesses. A cheap fi t-out was not
an option for this space. Key brand character identifiers were defined up front to allow critical decisions to be made about
where money was best spent and what budget items could be reduced without losing the character of the space.
The retail display was designed to create a strong, cohesive background for all product, with a language that speaks to
the richness, quality and history of the Barossa. Interpretive information is integrated within the retail space, allowing visitors to get a taste for something but desire more.
Opportunities for saleable advertising space is unobtrusively integrated as information rather than overt commercialisation.
Touchscreens and other digital technology are combined with physical, touchable elements within the same display units


For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.