Getting Funding Approved

So, you have a vision for an unmissable tourism place that you want to show the world. The only problem is, not everyone has the visionary skills you possess, and you just can’t get the people you need on board. 

Government funding or board approval on growth capex can often be the biggest hurdle to making changes to your buildings and grounds. Especially when the idea has lofty aspirations, involves big changes or requires overcoming entrenched habits, and defies the normal rules of business and buildings. 

Fundamentally, the nature of that unmissable place is usually outside of the box and beyond the tried and true. So your application for funding needs to show its true strength and potential in an enchanting way that people will understand, be able to imagine and get excited about. 

Basic questions. 

Every application, whether for a board paper or grant application, essentially requires the following. 

  • A brief description of the organisation – establish credibility and qualification for funding 
  • A case for support – data based evidence, a case study illustrating the issue, demonstration of support for your work from your community 
  • Match up of how your project fits the agency and funding priorities. 
  • The project program – objectives, methodology, success measures 
  • Budget – establishment costs, ongoing expenses, growth and profits 

The best application responses tick all the boxes, but at the same time enchant the reader with enthusiasm for the project.

How will you enchant your audience, so that they get invested in your project? 

Answer their fundamental questions. 

  1. What is the motivation? What are the values of your organisation that are driving the need for this project? 
  1. Is the project worth the effort? What are the benefits and how to they align with those values? Is it important enough that you will see it through, regardless of the funding result? 
  1. Is the project even feasible? How will you prove the project goals are achievable (especially when it is a building project that can’t really be prototyped)? 

Be convincing. 

Demonstrate your motivation by declaring your authentic values. Understand your brand character and use its voice to shape the base project idea and execution as well as the style of the funding application so that it truly reflects your values. 

Prototype your project with a big picture concept design. Capture your ideas and vision, and the essence of your place, brand and story on paper as a simple representation that can be quantified and become tangible to your audience. 

Commit your time and demonstrate your investment by working through the details, testing the scenarios and confirming the design. 

Grant applications in particular need ‘shovel ready’ projects. Convince the authorities by taking the necessary steps to be grant ready. Check out our blog specifically about what grant ready and shovel ready means at  

Would you like help to put it all together? 

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For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.