Just Completed a Renovation or New Build Project?

Just completed a renovation project? Fingers crossed you didn’t commit these design mistakes. And if you’re about to embark on a new project or transformation, ensure you avoid these design blunders. 

Neutral décor  

Transform a mediocre and unmemorable visit into a delight through your décor. Be the curator of beautiful and brand appropriate itemspresented against the backdrop of culturally relevant space. Constantly rotate your collection so that every visitor has a fresh experience. 

Boring spaces 

Walkways, hallways and paths are opportunities for people to engage with each other and your brand. Create gathering and storytelling areas along the way to provide variety, social opportunities and brand awareness. 

Reception desk 

A traditional desk is a barrier that inhibits connections between your staff and visitors. Repurpose the space to be welcoming and vibrant, where conversation and storytelling are stimulated and connections are made. 

Brochure racks 

Tourists want the insider knowledge, so instead of a wall of brochures, be the local guru. Construct activities in your spaces that compliment your location, brand and market interests. Make it easy and natural for staff to engage with visitors by shaping the space for natural movement and to encourage conversation. 

No identifiable brand character 

Attracting new visitors means offering an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Integrating local culture with brand character shape a unique offeringConsistent branding in marketing, product, customer service and building character also gives guests confidence that you will deliver on your marketing promises. 


Slightly empty spaces feel incomplete. Dull and lifeless, at best providing an inoffensive experience. Memorable experiences trigger emotional reactions and stimulate the senses. Use brand and culture centred selections of colour, texture, pattern, detail, scale, and things you can see. hear, smell, touch and taste to create memorable experiences 

Too much of a good thing 

Moderate your choices and balance your palate. Tartan can be fabulous, hot pink gorgeous, but too much of a good thing throws the balance. 


For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.