Administrative Assistant Job Description

An Administrative Assistant position at Studio S2 Architects is available.


The position being offered is for an experienced Architectural Administration Assistant in Australia. It is a part time role of approximately 20 hours per week. Salary to be negotiated.

Our projects are 100% tourism based, best enjoyed as a group, over good coffee, great wine, amazing food…

Our office is in Goodwood, South Australia.


We are seeking an experienced administration assistant to support Directors and general office operations. Tasks may include answering phones, screening visitors, making travel arrangements, preparing reports, filing and organizing documents, recording meeting minutes, monitoring emails and following up outstanding actions, ordering samples.

The successful applicant will have an appreciation of how small businessses operate, great interpersonal skills, and is well-presented and professional. Applicants with knowledge of architectural practices and procedures are preferred.


Studio S2 Architects are specialist Architects and Interior Designers to the tourism industry. We help our clients shape their own extraordinary.


  • Brand centred: We seek to empower clients to delve deep to discover what is unique about their brand and create a design language that is distinctively theirs. Our processes are designed to understand the fundamental personality behind a brand and shape it in 3 dimensions.
  • Industry focused: We challenge you to investigate, explore and fundamentally understand tourism through research and experience. We live tourism so that we can use the right industry terminology with our clients, rethink the rules and industry standards from within a strong knowledge base, think beyond best practice and create intelligent and highly functional spaces.
  • Commercially focused: We know tourism, and how buildings can work to attract visitors, increase sales and become profit generators. We help clients gain clarity and confidence about how to make good decisions about spaces and spend money wisely.
  • Personal partners: Our team create personal but professional partnerships within the office but also with clients throughout the process of designing and building a project. We are there to guide them through tourism strategy, initial ideas and design, Council approvals and getting a builder on board, to opening a new facility, setting up furniture and stock, celebrating openings and beyond.
  • Self-driven independence: We help people – both clients and staff – uncover what makes them unique and make the best of themselves. We offer a flexible environment where we encourage self direction and achievement but expect high efficiency and self regulation in return

Project Types:

  • Food and Beverage Tourism: Winery Cellar Doors, Beer – Gin/Spirits Tasting Rooms, Cheese – Chocolate -Olive Oil, Agribusiness, Producers
  • Hotels and Accommodation: Hotels, Resorts, Bed and Breakfast, Farm Stay, Caravan Parks
  • Visitor and Welcome Centres: Visitor Information Centres, Attraction Welcome Centres, Transport & Tour Arrival, National Parks, Zoos

Benefits: We encourage you to travel and experience the tourism industry extensively, and actively participate in tourism industry events, openings and launches. We will support this where possible.



  1. Provide administrative help to the directors.
  2. Engage in the collaborative team including events, administrative aspects of the architectural process.
  3. Produce draft communications and reports aligning in quality and presentation with the Studio S2 brand.


  1. Comply with the company systems, templates, and checklists for key processes
  2. Collaborative approach but able to follow a direct instruction
  3. Continual learning and growth mindset
  4. Expression of individuality in a professional manner and within Studio S2 processes and brand appropriateness.
  5. Work independently within the collaborative environment.


Apply directly by sending a CV, portfolio and covering letter to Please include the word extraordinary and clearly outline your experience with administration and architectural offices.

To be shortlisted, you will also be asked to complete our short questionnaire. You can find it HERE.

Thanks and good luck!


For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.