Tourism Buildings – Tricks of the Trade: Can Visitors Find Your Front Door?

Here’s Nine Ways You Can Make Your Door Unmissable!

From friendly to modern, fun to funky, these front doors are as inviting as they are character filled.

A front door is often the first thing people encounter when entering your business. While there are many ways to create ‘kerb appeal’, an unmissable statement and that all important great first impression, your front door is a good place to start. Here’s seven door ideas that draw you in with their charm and good looks.

Add a little colour























If you have a solid door, make it a strong colour in line with your brand. Stained glass makes a brilliant front door and adds creativity and flair.

Playful details












Little sculptures and artworks around your door create an interesting and life filled entrance. By using small, removable items, you can let people know you’re open.

Make it a journey












This door draws your eye through the opening with its curved walls and timber floor leading forward. Use striking shaped plants to make your entrance really intriguing. The partially open door piques curiosity while making it clear that the entrance is open.

Be a little exclusive












An interesting shaped door makes you immediately stand out from the crowd. If the door is locked, have a really big knocker so that visitors know how to get your attention. Using a plant with leaves coloured other than green makes you a little unique. Archways are full of historic symbolism and make a statement about your business character.

A little comfort












Chairs and tables outside a door are welcoming – but add a cushion and you have shown your visitors that you want them to be comfortable here.

Signs of life























Bring life to your door with potted plants and temporary ornaments. Visitors understand that where there are things being brought in and out, and things that need care and attention, there is life inside and they will be cared for inside too.

The partially open door












An open door is just that – you are showing that you are open for business, and people are welcome to enter. And there’s nothing like the air of mystery created by a glimpse through a partially open doorway.

Walkways and Paths












Welcome your visitors with a really character filled pathway to guide them in the right direction – enter via a great pathway and you already have them hooked.













Doors and gates and doorways and gateways are very similar at a glance but there are a few subtle differences. A gate is an open type of entrance; even when closed, a person can see what lies beyond a gate. A doorway, on the other hand, provides little view to the other side when closed.


For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.