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Studio S2 Architects are specialist Architects and Interior Designers to the tourism industry – we know tourism, and how your buildings can work to attract visitors, increase sales and become profit generators. We help you gain clarity and confidence about how to make good decisions about spaces and spend money wisely. As the experts on your own brand, we seek to empower you to delve deep to discover what is uniquely you and shape it in 3 dimensions. We challenge you to rethink the rules and industry standards, and to have courage to create truly authentic, character filled spaces that tell stories to your visitors.

We create unmissable places.

Our team are your personal partners throughout the process of designing and building your project. We guide you through initial ideas and design, Council approvals and getting a builder on board, to opening your new facility and beyond.


Cellar Doors and Tasting Rooms

Cellar Door and Tasting Rooms

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Hotels and Accommodation

Hotels and Accommodation

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Visitor Information and Welcome Centres

Attraction and Visitor Centres

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Food and Agri-Tourism

Food Tourism

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Farm and Manufacture Tourism

Farm and Manufacturing Tourism

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Tourism businesses put lots of effort into brand – logo, product, marketing message, maybe even customer service and social media voice. Need help to identify the characteristics of your brand that can translate into buildings? Questioning how character translates into materials, details and atmosphere? Take the quiz to find out.

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Free Design Guides

Are you confident that you know the process to overlay brand character, stories and practical functionality to create a place that works for your business – that attracts and engages visitors and increases sales? Download our tourism industry specific e-books (tasting rooms, accommodation properties and visitor centres) for essential tips for successful tourist spaces and places.


We engaged Studio S2 Architects to assist Wirra Wirra in creating an environment that would enable us to transition our cellar door from a tasting room to a wine tourism destination.

The result has positively transformed our historical site and provided us with a capability to compete as a world-class wine tourism destination.

Andrew Kay – CEO – Wirra Wirra Wines

The information that you have provided us with is so informative and applicable to our specific project. The insight and knowledge in your guides have not only answered many questions but have been a great learning experience. Your guides have pointed many things out to us that we did not think of, they made some great suggestions and provided us with data and facts that were relevant to our project. Most importantly they have inspired us to make changes and improve the overall design.

Carla Shirvington – Shirvington Wines

The various tool sets and fact sheets available free, and on-line, are but one example of how Studio S2 has reached out to advise, assist and encourage those contemplating building or upgrading cellar doors, visitor information centres; hotels and accommodation solutions.

Chris Byrne – Riverland Wine

The Cellar Door and café created a sense of space and light and a very inviting experience for visitors. Our foot traffic increased by 30% in year one as we became a destination of choice for locals and visitors alike, who now choose to spend significantly more time engaging with our site and our brand.

Andrew Kay – CEO – Wirra Wirra Wines

To date our work with Studio S2 Architects has created a site master plan that is in alignment with our overall strategic business planning and is an evolution of our brand rather than a rethink. The ‘big picture’ planning is an exciting addition to our existing facilities and has in-principle support from our board.

Lucy Willson – Bremerton Wines

...the office layout is working very well – I couldn’t be happier with the outcome – has made a big and positive cultural difference in the way we work and in the relationships in the office

Paul Madden – CE – Wyatt Trust

It was important for us that the Cellar Door became not just a comfortable place to taste wine, but also enticed customers to purchase. The re-design has created a visually appealing display area for wine and merchandise, generating additional impulse sales, while creating additional space for customers to move around the room. It is apparent that our customers are lingering longer and moving between the café and the tasting area as the design allows for easy traffic flow and a sense of integration

Andrew Kay – CEO – Wirra Wirra Wines

Every time I walk in the gate, I am excited about the house and this keeps going as I enter the house with a smile on my face. Studio S2 Architects did an amazing job and the outcome is just what I wanted - it is more impressive than I ever imagined.

Private Residential Client


For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.

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