Amy Smedley
Principal | Architect

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Amy looks beyond the standard to understand how life fits, forms and flourishes in and around buildings.

Daughter of an artist, teacher and environmentalist, she was exposed the importance of beauty, humanity and sustainability in life at an early age. Living in suburban Adelaide and then South East Queensland, she saw how important those items are in buildings and places that flourish through the ebbs and flows of the economy and population change, and places a high value on creating memorability, value and uniqueness within a community setting. She involves herself whole-heartedly in community organisations, and highly values the relationships she builds.

With a strong focus on designing the connections between interior and exterior, movement, communication and perception, her strength is discovering and expressing the hidden details of a clients’ real needs for their project. Her field of study as focussed particularly on sustainable design, and she has published articles on the subject, attended a World Energy Congress as a presenter at the Youth Symposium and graduated with an honours degree thesis in sustainability.

Amy’s architectural experience ranges across remote Aboriginal projects, tropical island sanctuaries and inner city towers. Her broad ranging career in architecture spans across South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, and includes

  • International hotels,
  • Visitor centres,
  • Leisure and recreation facilities,
  • Boutique resorts,
  • Residential high rise and
  • Individual homes.

Her skills and knowledge are particularly honed around how people experience space, particularly with regard to

  • Healthy buildings,
  • Natural materials,
  • Interiors,
  • Colour,
  • Human scale,
  • Environmentally responsible design.

Amy is registered architect with the South Australian Board of Architects, and holds a Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) and a Bachelor of Design Studies from the University of Adelaide, and a diploma of professional interior design from the NSW Interior Design Academy.