Studio S2 are specialist architects and interior designers to the tourism industry.

We are experts in tourism and creating branded experiences through your buildings and environment. We bring your brand to life through your buildings.

Studio S2 Architects know the pitfalls to avoid and the sweet spots to target to maximise your return on investment. We are a local, Adelaide based practice, that understands the unique South Australian tourism market.

Creating a partnership between your business people and ours, and including our founding husband and wife architectural team, together we craft a solution for your buildings that becomes a destination for tourists - that drives growth and sustainability for your business. We identify ways to create uniqueness, memorability, functionality and brand awareness through your buildings and surrounds.

When we design your destination, we invest ourselves into understanding what makes you and your business unique. We want to know what makes you stand out from the crowd, but also what makes you tick. We then explore how we can bring those things together in a building that is both recognisable as uniquely yours and that functions optimally for your operations.

Your destination will encompass buildings that

  • are a recognisable part of YOUR BRAND, that reinforce and help people remember your brand;
  • create MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES, that people remember, return to time after time, and talk about long after they have left;
  • drive PROFIT and GROWTH.

In a lifetime, people only really remember about 10 experiences – let yours be one of them.

The team at Studio S2 has helped create flourishing places across Australia:

  • accommodation - hotels, resorts, motels, bed & breakfast
  • tasting centres - cellar doors
  • visitor and information centres
  • display and retail centres
  • function centres
  • restaurants, cafes and kitchens
  • convention and exhibition centres
  • educational facilities
  • sports and leisure centres
  • public buildings
  • libraries

From the boutique to the large, over short and long term projects, and with expertise in specialist areas including

  • heritage
  • sustainability
  • interior design
  • furniture selection
  • colour