June 2018

Best Practice Case Study – Singapore Visitor Centre

We’ve heard a lot of good things about the new Visitor Centre in Singapore, so we looked into it to find out what is attracting people, driving profits and making them unmissable. Here’s the synopsis: Identity – A building located in a prime visitor area, rich with local heritage – updated but not out of character while the interior that speaks to the culture of the present. A white box with h
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Trends From The Most Beautiful Luxury Hotels: Top 5 Coveted Travel Experiences Emerging in 2018

Luxury hotels may be at the top of their industry in quality and experience, but the lessons they can teach are valuable to every accommodation property wanting to expand it’s tourism offerings. Travel is becoming intensely personalised. Consumers are demanding customised leisure experiences and inspiring self discovery opportunities. Health and wellbeing are high priorities for the stressed and over stimulated
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Does The Idea of Council Approval Give You The Chills?!

What if we were wrong about how difficult it is to get Council Approval? What if Council approvals were no longer an insurmountable hurdle? What is the recipe for a smooth sail through the planning approval process?   Facts at a Glance Council planning applications are the first stage of a 3 part process. Development Plan Consent (commonly known as planning approval or Council approval) is the assessment directl
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Build Wine Tourism Capacity: What You Already Do Can Make You Money

Build Wine Tourism Capacity: What You Already Do Can Make You Money Wine businesses wear many hats – the grower, manufacturer, creator, educator, region advocate, marketer, retailer… How can you harness what you already have to make your place unmissable?  Many years ago, a family planted a vineyard. As primary producers, they grew grapes good enough for some of the best winemakers in the region. They dec
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