May 2018

What You Need to Know About Designing a Hotel: A Mini-Checklist for the Leisure Market

Unlike city hotels, most regional centres attract mostly leisure tourists over business travellers. The experience for the leisure visitor and the levels of service will make or break the business. Key factors for consideration: Hotel Character The journey to the site The entrance to the site The welcome at the site The route to the rooms The view from the rooms The size of the rooms The privacy of the rooms   R
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Hotel Design: The Simple New Models You Need to Understand That Make Accommodation Properties More Profitable

Things are changing in the accommodation market. The causes are likely linked to the effect of the sharing economy, and digital age access to information. Personalisation and the demand for a unique experience is at the heart of the traveller, and the hotel model is evolving to meet the changing demand. The Drivers Cost of development & maintenance Labour cost & shortage of labour in hospitality Expanding and
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Pre-design package conditions

Download the FLYER here. Package price is for one site and project. Additional sites charged at $670 +GST per site (no discount applies). Any discount or offer is off the $1,250+GST price. Discounts do not apply to travel or additional sites. Discounts apply to bookings made directly by a tourism business – winery, cellar door, accommodation property, visitor centre or other tourism business. 3rd party consulta
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Grants and Funding: How to Meet the Irresistible Challenge

So, you have a vision for an unmissable tourism place that you want to show the world. The only problem is, not everyone has the visionary skills you possess, and you just can’t get the people you need on board. Getting government funding or board approval can often be the biggest hurdle to making changes to your buildings and grounds. Especially when the idea has lofty aspirations, involves big changes or requires o
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