April 2018

5 Guest Experiences Lessons That Affect Your Space Design From the Top Global Hotels

The experience economy is taking root in even the largest and slowest moving companies. Savvy and flexible Aussie business – are you keeping up? What are the lessons we can learn from the top global hotels? Luxury can be personalised, and the biggest factor is brand character. When you express your brand across all your communications, you attract guests who value the same things as you, making it easier to cus
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How to Boost Your Cellar Door to Make You More Money

  What does your cellar door do? Is it there to sell your wine at the best margin? Represent your brand? Give people a memorable place to visit? Why not maximise your return on investment – boost sales and make a visit really memorable – with these simple tips. 1. Wine is obviously for sale If the point of having a cellar door is to sell wine – then sell wine! Operate a retail style space where
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How to Capture the Spirit of New Experiences at Your Accommodation Property

At the Grand Hotel Boston in 1829 you could telegraph for your breakfast. The hotel offered free soap, a mechanical call bell system, indoor plumbing, French food, and luxurious public rooms. It was the height of technological and social development at the time. The designers of grand hotels were re-thinking the rules and offering what they knew guests could only dream of at home – a taste of the newest and the
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Building your Tourism Destination: Think Smart, Not Cheap

In business, we are always told that you have to spend money to make money. When you have an arm full of expenses already, how are you going to balance that all important bottom line and make critical decisions about what will add value? Embarking on new construction, updating buildings or facilities, or recreating an interior can be an exciting opportunity for tourism businesses. You can take steps to improve produc
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Eco Design

Why eco-design? What do you need to know when considering an eco, green or sustainable project? How is it measured? How will eco-design affect my tourism development? Download our fact sheet to get the facts on eco-design.
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Engaging an Architect

It’s hard to find an Architect! Actually, it’s not hard to google ‘architect’, that’s easy. What’s hard is figuring out which one to hire. It shouldn’t be scary – all licensed Architects are capable of designing a building for you. But choosing the right designer can make or break your project. We’ve got tips on how to be confident that you have the right team.   Get the facts about engaging an Archi
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