March 2018

Breakthrough Tourism Opportunities: How to Make Your Place Go Viral and Stay That Way

What if your business, the whole experience of visiting you, went viral. What would that look like, and what would that mean? How would you make it sustainable?  By definition, ‘going viral’ is becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person*.  On the internet, content can behave like a virus – people become ‘infected’ when they see it. This kind of infection comes from an emotional response that s
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You Need to Know The Revealing Truth About AirBnB vs Traditional Accommodation

My sister recently returned from a trip to Japan. As she told me the story of her travels, the mystery surrounding how traditional accommodation models will compete in the future unfolded. It framed the potential for a revolution story that must be told, and all accommodation types need to hear. For my sister, an ex air hostess with the spirit of adventure in her bones, holidays are literally her dreams come true. I
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What’s the Future of VICs and Visitor Centres

Visitor centres, whether they play the role of regional or specific location information, have always played a key role in linking tourists with the story of a place. They have been vital as a physical location where travellers can go for information and services. Successful visitor centres have evolved to be hubs where the identity and soul of the place can be uncovered – they are welcoming of all visitors whether l
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