February 2018

Get Revolutionary Results with the Right Brand Character

Your brand character is a reflection of your true nature, your true values. But sometimes societal constructs confuse what we believe to be true and warp our perceptions about what we really want to achieve through our business.   What happens when you choose the wrong brand character? Life lived a little uncomfortably. Constant rethinking of the language and story. Nothing quite fitting.   On the other hand, what ha
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Buzz Word Agony: What You Need to Know About Storytelling

  I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard a LOT of people talking about storytelling recently. If you’re wondering if this all a lot of hype that will blow over, you aren’t alone. But if you are involved in tourism, I encourage you to take a closer look. Marketing has changed, a competitive edge is essential, and you need to have a strategy for why visitors should choose you over the next
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7 Fundamentals You Need to Know About Hotel Design

7 Things You Need to Know About Hotel Design Star ratings It is possible to get a higher star rating by clearly demonstrating strong brand character influence over decisions about facilities, services and style. You can foster interaction between guests and your brand Tell your brand story through journey, interactive spaces, décor Shaping your space to allow staff to be part of the space and naturally engage with gu
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