January 2018

This is What Happens When Your Place Has Sensational Lighting!

  Lighting is often called the 4th dimension of architecture and for good reason. Lighting provides depth, creates layers and even affects behaviour. The source of light can alter body positions and affect emotions. People prefer to face walls that are illuminated, much like the flattering back lit dressing room mirrors or the glowing bar shelves that keep us looking for our next drink. Brightness can focus atte
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What You Need to Know About Shaping Your Epic Tale in Built Form: 7 Story Plots

Even businesses can create a compelling story. Using the seven basic story plots, you can frame a story that shapes your customer service, atmosphere and visitor experiences. Seven plots relating to brand stories: Overcoming the monster – the classic underdog story. A brand that tackled the titans of the industry and won. Situations where the individual must overcome an obstacle (usually with the aid of a branded pro
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Tourism and Tasting Rooms: 10 Signs You’ve Got Your Cellar Door Design Wrong

Just completed a cellar door project? Fingers crossed you didn’t commit these design mistakes. And if you’re about to embark on a transformation in this zone, ensure you avoid these makeover blunders. 1. Wine is not obviously for sale It seems like some wineries have forgotten that the point of having a cellar door is to sell wine – if you’re going to have a cellar door that has to be staffed and maintained, at
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