November 2017

Storytelling for Tourism Buildings: If These Walls Could Talk… Tell an Unmissable Story Through Your Space

Stories have the power to change your mind, make you feel differently, change you, teach you and enchant you. Tell stories through your buildings, your architecture and interiors. Enchant your tourist, visitors and guests – make your place unmissable. Stories are recognisable patterns of information, and in that pattern we find meaning. Humans are so adept at detecting story patterns that we see them, even when
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How to Tell a Great Story

We believe that great Architecture immerses your visitors in your story. Here’s a look at what makes a great story. Check back here soon – our take on how you interpret that into a building is coming! In the mean time, read on… How to Tell a Great Story by Johnny Dzubak – author of 54 posts on The Art of Charm Blog from Art of Charm   Everyone has a storyteller inside them, and everyone h
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Storytelling for Tourism Buildings: Want More Visitors? Tell Your Visitors What You Value.

These days, tourists want to get to know your brand, not as a relationship like person to person, but as an experience. You visitors want to experience what it’s like to be you, to work and live in your place – what it was like to be the one who discovered it, nurtured it, built it.   It’s great to have an attraction that sets you apart and draws visitors to your place, but to make your place u
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Tourism Architecture Tricks of the Trade: Visitors Cant Find Your Front Door? Here’s Nine Ways You Can Make Your Door Unmissable!

From friendly to modern, fun to funky, these front doors are as inviting as they are character filled. A front door is often the first thing people encounter when entering your business. While there are many ways to create ‘kerb appeal’, an unmissable statement and that all important great first impression, your front door is a good place to start. Here’s seven door ideas that draw you in with their charm
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Tourism Architecture Tricks of the Trade: Walking Through Doorways. What do the doorways in your tourism business do to your sales?

Did you know that the act of walking through a doorway triggers a change to your memory? Can you use that to your advantage? Yes, you can! Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that some forms of memory seem to be optimised to only keep information at hand while it is perceived to be needed, and then your memory purges that information in favor of new stuff. Walking through a doorway is a good t
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12 Amazing Chairs With Personality That Will Immediately Improve Your Space

If you’ve done our building character quiz recently, you’ll be contemplating what your personality profile means for your spaces. Here’s some ideas for the ideal chair for your place. There’s more to chair selection than a personality profile, and this page just shows a few ideas. Consider factors like How long you want people to stay The activity The age group of your visitors Your current co
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How to be authentic: What does your marketing actually promise?

In our early 20s, we were hotel junkies. At the offer of a discount, voucher or deal, we would be booked and on our way. And we stayed in some interesting places. Before the days of social media, before TripAdvisor, all we had to go on was the marketing from the hotel – and not a lot of it reflected the actual accommodation when you arrived.   Gone are the days when you could get away with just marketing y
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Thinking of Going Nature Based? 

The South Australian government announced this month an Expression of Interest for development and redevelopment in SA’s national parks. Many of the projects are heritage based projects, and all are nature and eco design focussed, Feeling overwhelmed by how complex a project with those parameters can get? Wondering how you would even start to apply your own personality and branding to that mix? We’d love
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Attracting Humans to Your Place

Excerpts from a great article from Suzanne Cavanagh: In the hyper-connected world of social media, it is easy to have a feeling of being disconnected, of being alone, of being cut off from the rest of society and yes, there is a certain irony in that. For many, virtual communication is no match for face-to-face get-togethers. Most of us are inherently social creatures, so the need to connect in a human way, helps us
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