September 2017

Want more sales? The data has spoken. Play the right music.

We love this article written by MD of Mood Media Australia, Steve Hughes this week! It give some great insight into the subliminal marketing messages of your space: Is this not a marketer or business owner’s dream? You want to sell more French wine in your liquor store. What do you do? You play French music while customers are browsing and instantly, sales of French wine shoot up. It’s not as fantastical as you might
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Storytelling for Tourism Buildings: Brand Personality Meets Building: how do you immerse your visitors in your story?

Once there was a brand. It was a logo that you put on a cow so others knew it was yours. Literal branding. Branding evolved. It became a representation of that owner. People recognised the brand and trusted what it stood for. They had a relationship with the brand. But things changed. We live in a highly social age. The brand no longer stands for something. The brand IS something. It is an experience, and people don&
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Tourism Architecture Tricks of the Trade Series: Be Your Own Secret Shopper

Be objective using our strategies for the ‘secret shopper’ or first-time visitor. Whether you’ve been operating for a long time or are a relatively new business, it can be hard to step back and look at your business objectively, especially from the perspective of a first-time visitor. As tourists as well as professionals, our team regularly visit places for the first time, so we’ve got a savvy perspective on the secr
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