August 2017

Tourism Architecture Tricks of the Trade Series: Unique Offerings

Not feeling creative? Here’s some tips for how to think outside the square. If your business is looking to expand its tourism experience offering or engage better with customers, you’re probably grappling with a lot of questions. What makes you unique, what can you offer that’s different? What experience will you provide? How will you think of something unique? Our office is full of Architects and Interior Designers,
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Tourism Architecture Tricks of the Trade Series: Creating Brand Ambassadors

The Secrets to Building Curiosity and Telling Your Story Through Your Buildings We’ve all had that disappointing experience in a cellar door, visitor centre or at a reception desk. That classic scenario where you’re trying to buy but they are making no effort to sell – the one where the guy behind the desk is glued to facebook; where the greeting is more ‘whadda ya want’ than ‘how can I help you’; and where no
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