November 2016

SATIC Service IQ Workshop 2016

BUILDINGS & EXPERIENCES, VALUE & PROFITS What your building says about you and your brand?   Simply by implementing small scale, affordable changes to elements of your building and/or interior design, you can create an experience using your property and branding that not only functions effectively but ensures Service Excellence every step of the way.  How is your building and grounds impacting on visitor
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Tourism and Tasting Rooms: The many hats of a winery

Many years ago, a family planted a vineyard. As primary producers, they grew grapes good enough for some of the best winemakers in the region. They decided to get into manufacturing, and try wine making themselves – first it was just wine for themselves, then for friends. A few years back, they decided to ‘do things properly’ and open a cellar door. But the story doesn’t end there for this family. They knew that to s
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