November 2016

The many hats of a winery

Many years ago, a family planted a vineyard. As primary producers, they grew grapes good enough for some of the best winemakers in the region. They decided to get into manufacturing, and try wine making themselves – first it was just wine for themselves, then for friends. A few years back, they decided to ‘do things properly’ and open a cellar door. But the story doesn’t end there for this family. They knew that to s
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Building your Tourism Destination: Think Smart, Not Cheap

In business, we are always told that you have to spend money to make money. When you have an arm full of expenses already, how are you going to balance that all important bottom line? Embarking on new construction, updating buildings or facilities, or recreating an interior can be an exciting opportunity for tourism businesses. You can take steps to improve productivity and profits through changing the way a space fu
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